Let’s Color Papa

Dive into the vibrant world of Papa Louie with “Let’s Color Papa!” – a delightful coloring game that brings your favorite characters and scenes to life. With 15 unique coloring pages and an array of tools, your creativity will soar to new heights!

“Let’s Color Papa!” offers hours of coloring fun for fans of all ages. With a mix of artistic freedom and guided features, players can create their own interpretations of the Papa Louie world. Whether you’re a budding artist or just looking to relax, this game promises a colorful journey!

15 Unique Coloring Pages:

Discover and color 15 meticulously crafted pages, each showcasing a different aspect of the Papa Louie universe. Whether it’s the bustling kitchen, the vibrant streets, or the lively characters, there’s something for every fan.

Diverse Coloring Tools:

Paint Bucket: Fill large areas with your chosen color with a single click. Perfect for backgrounds and broad spaces.

Pencil: Add fine details and bring your artistic touch to each page. The pencil tool allows for precision and creativity.

Sticker Fun:

Jazz up your creations with a range of quirky stickers. From toppings to little character expressions, these stickers add a playful twist to your coloring.

Stay Inside the Lines:

For those who want a more refined look, we’ve got a feature that ensures you color only within the lines. Say goodbye to accidental smudges outside the character or scene.

Progress Save & Image Export:

Don’t worry about losing your masterpieces. With the progress save feature, you can continue coloring right where you left off. And once you’re done, save your creation as an image to share with friends or print and showcase.
Use your mouse or touch screen.